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Stump Removal Canberra

If you got a stump in your yard or garden right now, that’s because you trusted the wrong people to remove it. Stumps are a reminder for tree owners why they should just call the real experts with years of experience as stumps are the outcome of an unprofessional tree removal process. Now that you have a stump in your yard or garden, it will be more difficult for you to remove it. Even if there’s two of you who will dig that stump up, it will still look ghastly as it will leave a hole in your yard which will be dangerous to your family.


You need to be aware that stumps will never grow back to a full tree again as its upper part has been cut off. Hence, keeping stumps in your yard or garden will not make sense (unless it has been cut off professionally with style). Aside from that fact, stumps are also dangerous to have in your yard or garden as its roots will still spread out and your kids and elder people in your property can get a tip on it.

Fortunately for you, with Tree Removal Canberra Buddies, we will remove your stump without causing you any trouble as we will remove it safely from your property without leaving any hole or any damage in your place.

Chainsaw Tree Removal Canberra

The reasons you need to know why your stumps must be removed

If you’re still doubting whether to remove your tree or not, well here are some of the things you need to think about.

  • Stumps are dangerous for your family members, especially kids and pets.
  • Stumps get rotten and will attract pests and termites.
  • Fungi grow on rotten stumps and it will affect your other plants.
  • They block your gardening routine.

Stump removal is an easy task for professionals

With years of experience, precise knowledge and skills, our professional arborist found it easy to remove stumps using our well-maintained tools and equipment. Though if you’re thinking that this is something that you can do too, it’s not as it takes years and skills. There might be some chances that you can, but it will still take you hours or even days.

Therefore, save yourself from all the hassle of removing a stump and trust us, professionals.


Things we want you to avoid

The only basic thing that our team wants to avoid is to leave a huge and dangerous hole in your yard where your tree stump used to be. Perhaps one of the reasons why you want to get rid of it is to give more space to your yard and to worry no more about it. So, there is no point at all in keeping a stump in your yard or a huge and dangerous hole where it used to be on it, and it could also cause a whole new problem. Fortunately, our team has an excellent stump removal process that can prevent all of those hassle mentioned above.

Stumps don’t grow back

It is unusual to see a tree stump growing on its full-size tree. The reason for that is because the upper part of the tree was so damaged that it wouldn’t be able to grow back to its previous size right after that kind of damage has been done on it. Some people might be thinking that tree stumps will still grow into a full tree, but it is something that happens once in a blue moon and unusual to happen. Perhaps waiting for a tree stump to grow back into a tree will not be a good idea so better to decide and remove it anyway. 

You need to Grind it than pulling it off or digging it off

Perhaps you don’t want to get it off that tree stump in your yard, but if you want to put a whole new life on it for your yard decoration then the best option you can go with is to grind it instead of removing it. If you want to know more about this technique, then try to visit our page and read the stump section or you can even call us! Expect that all of your quarries will be answered, and you will get the most accurate advice regarding your tree stump problem.

Want to get rid of that tree stump in your yard, then our team is just one call away and we’ll be knocking on your door!

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